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February 2020

Building Trust & Transparency Through Standards

Finding a shop you trust can be difficult, this article can help motorists understand what a trustworthy shop can do for their customers. With the increasing complexity of vehicle systems and components, it is important for motorists to have a service provider they trust to do the repair and maintenance that keeps their vehicle safely…

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Tips for Paying Off Credit Cards

80% of American adults are in debt and half of them own a credit card. The average credit card debt for a household that has a credit card is $8,284.00. For many people, a credit card is the greatest obstacle to obtaining a sound financial future, and it can keep them from becoming financially independent.…

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Rising Young Technicians

For these top guns the future is looking bright! South Florida’s Jakob J. Turano and Chris Miller are the new face of today’s crop of up-and-coming young automotive technicians:  technically savvy, computer literate, and job-ready…thanks to pro-active instructors, forward-thinking automotive programs, and industry/education programs that emphasize mentoring and hands-on apprenticeships. Mark Armbrust, Automotive Instructor at…

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