Team Development Summit To Build Stronger, Happier and More Efficient Auto Repair Shop Teams

Auto Profit Masters Bringing Together Nation’s Leading Trainers For a Two-Day Event
Littleton, Colo. – March 21, 2023 – The Team Development Summit is a one-of-a-kind training event hosted by Auto Profit Masters May 6-7, 2023, in Denver, Colo. During the summit, technicians, advisors and owners will have access to top-tier training from the nation’s leading auto repair industry experts. This event will strengthen a shop’s operations at every level, while providing an emphasis on giving technicians the tools they need to be satisfied in and advance their careers.

With a shortage of 600,000-plus techs in the country, auto repair shops need to do everything possible to retain and support the technicians on their team. With these qualities in place, repair shops will also make themselves more appealing to techs entering the profession.

“Shop owners who bring their entire staff to this event are helping to build a team that wants to retire with them someday,” said David Rogers, president of Auto Profit Masters and a trainer at the event. “I’ve been helping organizations build winning cultures that lift up their employees and customers for more than two decades, and I’m proud that the training lineup we’ve assembled will help every employee in the shop grow and succeed at the same time.”

The unique format of this summit will provide cutting-edge diagnostics including hands-on oscilloscope training for technicians, leadership skills for growing sales and managing by the numbers for advisors, and guidance for building a winning culture and creating efficient teams for owners. By providing training for the entire team, shop owners have the potential to improve every facet of their shop simultaneously, leading to faster and more sustainable success.

Featured trainers include:

  • Dean Law — A certified technical trainer and owner of Law’s Automotive will teach a hands-on class showing technicians how to use their oscilloscope most effectively for diagnostics.
  • Gary Smith and Adam Robertson — Certified trainers from DiagNation and specialists in advanced diagnostics will lead classes on essential testing tools, modern diagnostic routines, real case studies, and combining testing techniques at once to efficiently diagnose mechanical concerns.
  • Chris Morgan — The GM of Keller Bros. Auto Repair for the past nine years and winner of the top service advisor in the nation award will lead a deep dive into managing a shop by reading and understanding critical benchmarks and holding teams accountable day-to-day.
  • David Rogers — The president of Auto Profit Masters and COO of Keller Bros. Auto Repair will teach operators how to create a winning culture and build a team that wants to stay with the shop throughout a long and successful career.

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