Helpful Features of Today’s Scan Tools

There is a new sound coming from the engine. The noise is disturbing but initially unknown. You hook up the diagnostic tool, but a code doesn’t pop up. With technology rapidly changing, it’s important to have an up-to-date onboard diagnostic scanner to maximize technician intelligence and accelerate an overall repair job, especially when working on newer vehicles.

Diagnostic tools provide intel into the inner workings of an automobile. Once attached to the vehicle’s computer system, the scan analyzes the data and performance and then provides information to determine the cause of the problem, especially issues that may be harder to find. Some models may not only decipher current problems but could prevent future ones or keep a mechanical issue from becoming larger.

When selecting a quality diagnostics tablet, the tool’s features should be user-friendly and fitted with the latest in technology through built-in microchips, processors, and sensors. Having a more advanced scanner will not only read codes but will take live data measurements of the vehicle’s systems to fine-tune the diagnostics process and even provide a step-by-step solution towards fixing the problem.

Not all diagnostics tools are the same, so it’s best to know which features you could be missing out on. For instance, some of today’s newer scan tools are equipped with a high resolution camera and included flashlight that allows for visual evidence in difficult places to the human eye. This is a huge plus for when communicating needed repairs along with building trust with your customers! But the biggest features are the ones that save you time, provide fewer headaches and ensure confidence and accuracy in each repair.

Diagnostic tablets like the AUTEL MaxiSys Ultra are ahead of the game with features they offer like Topology Mapping. Topology Mapping provides you an overview of the vehicles network, visually confirming if the modules are doing their job and if there are any fault codes to be further looked into. It’s like being able to see everything at once to determine where to start or what needs attention right off the bat. Intelligent Diagnostics combined with AUTEL’s AutoSCAN features provide technicians guidance as to what caused the code, what things have to happen to set the code and step-by-step solutions on the repair.

In this day and age, it is vital that your diagnostics scanner is equipped with Wi-Fi. Technicians can update the tool with the latest software releases which is important in getting new fault codes and diagnostic capabilities. It’s also important to have an onboard diagnostic tablet that provides extensive vehicle coverage for a wide range of vehicles from the United States, European and Asian auto markets, as well as technology equipped to handle newer vehicles to stay up to date on your customer’s needs.

The goal of using an automotive diagnostic scan tool is to inspect a vehicle’s hidden areas and gain insight into the internal working of its electronic circuits in order to quickly identify, troubleshoot and repair. Today’s new scan tools that are available to you are essential in getting the job done the right way the FIRST time. Because the faster a solution is found, the quicker a repair job is completed and you’re on to the next one.