3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Auto Service Business

Looking for ways to grow your auto repair business? One of the biggest industry challenges is that most people don’t think about auto repair until they need it. To help keep your business top of mind and relevant for customers, we’ve listed three ways to increase sales.

1. Understand Customer Pain Points

Your business is customer centric. To be effective, you must understand customer needs and pain points and find new ways to help them. Here are a few common challenges that you could help ease:

Arrange Transportation
Offer an Uber or shuttle service for your customers. The car repair pro-cess can be stressful, so going above and beyond can boost the customer experience.

Offer Financing
Auto repairs are typically an unexpected expense, which can be especially worrisome for those that don’t have money set aside or good credit to finance their repairs. Offer a financing solution to help credit- challenged customers feel comfort-able and confident using your repair shop for their current and future needs.

Provide Amenities
Many customers stay and wait for their car repairs to be completed, and sometimes the wait can be long. Provide amenities like free Wi-Fi, complimentary drinks and snacks, have magazines on hand for customers and coloring books for children. A great customer experience is a recipe for repeat business. 

2. Build Partnerships

When looking for ways to grow your auto repair business, partnerships are a great way to increase exposure, expand reach, and be beneficial for both parties.

Meet Your Neighbors
Talk to other local business owners about what you do and ask if you can leave some business cards for their customers. You can do the same for them and refer business back and forth.

New Lending Solutions
Partnering with a financing company allows you to reach your potential customers with poor credit, opens the door to an underserved market, and can increase your business.

3. Ask Customers for Reviews & Referrals

When looking for ways to increase customer traffic, tapping into your cur-rent traffic is the perfect place to start. Acquiring a new customer is 5-25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Ask current customers for Google, Yelp or Facebook reviews. It provides social proof for potential customers looking for auto repair service and has major role in search engine rankings.

People trust recommendations from friends or family. You just need to ask. When customers are checking out, ask them how they liked their service, and then ask them to tell their friends about it. You’ll be shocked how quickly this small change can scale your business and increase customer traffic.

Final Thoughts
The auto repair industry is a competitive one. You and your employees work hard to maintain and grow your business. Finding those key areas to differentiate yourself from competitors can make all the difference when a potential customer unexpectedly needs repairs. Implementing small strategic changes and improvements may be exactly what your business needs to see growth now and in the future.

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