Moving Beyond TEXT2PAY

Most of us have heard of, or even used, Text2Pay; the practice of having your customers pay for a repair on their smart phones after getting a text message from your shop. Sounds and is great!

Why not utilize text messaging to save time in the shop and communicate quicker and more efficiently? Not just with customers, but also technicians, managers and even vendors?

Here are a few scenarios to think about:

  • Text2Work: Send a text to a tech when a task is assigned to them and ready to work, they can view the task on their phone, log time to it, update its status. Of course, the updated status can flow directly to the customer via text messaging and the manager can track the techs time too.
  • Text2Approve: Send texts to customers so they can review estimates or inspection reports. They can review the estimate or inspection and with the click of a button on their phone approve the work so you can get started. And, of course, your shop can automatically notified of the approvals by text and in Shop Methods.
  • Text2Inspect: Send an inspection directly to a tech who can execute the inspection on their phone using the camera to document issues by video and pictures…followed up by texting the inspection to the customer for their approval!

This is just the surface of what Shop Methods can do in their cloud-based shop management system. With a whole suite of Text2 events provided by Shop Methods you can link your Shop, Tech, and Customer together with texting, everyone stays informed while staying off the telephone.

Visit Shop Methods to see how they can streamline your shops operations so you grow your business.