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Professional Credentials for Every Step of Your Career
Today’s automotive technology would make past generations marvel. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which include automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and more are available here and now. Tomorrow’s technology promises even more with augmented reality dashboards, energy-storing body panels and advanced electric drive systems.

As an automotive technician, you know that technology doesn’t stop and that the future is coming to a service bay near you. So you need a professional credential that grows with you. ASE certification is just that. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers fifty tests in a dozen series and has a credential for every stage of your career, demonstrating your knowledge and professionalism to your employers and the public at every step along
the way.

ASE Entry-Level Certification
ASE Entry-Level Certification is the first step in building career credentials as an automotive service professional. The entry-level tests are designed to show a candidate’s satisfactory level of practical knowledge-based readiness for the automotive service industry work force. The Entry-Level certification tests are intended for schools and other organizations so they may evaluate students and other individuals nearing completion of an automotive technology course of study or workplace-readiness program.

ASE Entry-Level certification tests (19 in all) are available for the Automobile, Collision Repair and Refinish, and Medium-Heavy Truck segments. The tests in each series parallel the instructional standards of ASE Accredited training programs.

The bottom line for employers is that they can be assured individuals with ASE entry-level certifications are job ready. And young people beginning their careers earn their first ASE credential and insignia to mark their achievement. The certification is valid for two years; it does not renew. The expectation is that as entry-level employees advance in their careers, they will avail themselves of ASE’s professional credentials.

ASE Maintenance and Light Repair Certification
A good portion of many repair facilities’ work involves routine maintenance and light repair. Basic work, perhaps, but essential to the good operation and useful life of today’s vehicles. These services ensure that vehicles operate as intended, efficiently and safely. Neglect of these services cost consumers untold dollars in inefficient operation, premature wear and tear, and ultimately breakdowns. Such neglect can also pose safety hazards.

So essential is this often unsung work that ASE made sure these professionals have their own designation: ASE Certified Maintenance and Light Repair Technician. Technicians seeking this certification need one year of relevant work experience in addition to passing this test. The credential is valid for five years, after which time, ASE requires recertification.

ASE Certified Technicians
ASE Certified Technicians are often graduates of post-secondary or manufacturer-specific training programs, have two years or more of relevant work experience, and conduct repair and services at a level beyond routine maintenance/light repair. These are the core technicians of the automotive service profession. The work is typically detailed, often requires in-depth diagnostic skills, complicated multi-step repair sequences, and an awareness of how systems are interrelated. Taking auto repair as an example, ASE offers separate tests for each major system: engines, transmissions, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, and more.

Part of ASE’s two-year work experience requirement can be fulfilled by completion of an ASE-Accredited Auto, Truck or Collision program or an ASE-Accredited OEM-Sponsored
Co-op Program.

These credentials are valid for five years. The shoulder insignias these professionals are issued identify their major area of work: Automobile, Medium-Heavy Truck, Collision Repair and Refinish, School Bus, and more. Their personal credentials further identify each sub-area of certification.

ASE Certified Master Technicians
ASE’s top achievement is Master Technician status, a comprehensive designation for those who earn a series of certifications, typically most or all, within a specific ASE test series. These are the true masters; they are often mentors to younger technicians, are recognized leaders in the shop, and are the go-to person for the tough repairs, the difficult diagnoses.

Many lead technicians and service managers hold ASE Certified Master Technician status. Two years of work experience is required, and credentials must be renewed every five years.

ASE Certified Advanced Level Specialists
It should come as no surprise that electronics and computers have become a vital specialty in automotive repair and service. ASE Certified Advanced Level Specialists are the wizards and human interface to vehicle electronics systems. These pros work to diagnose the toughest performance issues, whether it’s on gasoline, diesel, or hybrid/electric drive systems. There is an Advanced Level ASE certification for each of the three technology platforms. The work experience requirement is the lengthiest of any ASE test series—three years of relevant hands-on experience. Moreover, there are prerequisites. Before sitting for one of these Advanced Level tests, candidates must have passed other relevant ASE tests: Auto Engine Performance, Diesel Engines, and/or Electrical/Electronic Systems depending on the advanced test selected. Credentials are valid for five years. A distinct insignia celebrates these specialists’ unique status within the ASE family of certified professionals.

As automotive technology advances, ASE will be at the ready to develop additional real-world tests for service and repair technicians at every stage of their career. This way-forward approach keeps the ASE testing program in step with industry changes. Existing tests are routinely updated to include on-going developments. The recertification requirement ensures technicians stay current.

ASE’s mission is to serve the transportation industry as an independent third-party that upholds and promotes high standards of service and repair through the assessment, certification, and credentialing of current and future industry professionals.

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The ASE Certification Test Series
As the industry leader in automotive testing and certification, ASE offers a comprehensive array of certification tests for working professionals. Tests for every technician — at every career stage. There are over four dozen certification tests in 12 distinct specialty areas. Test series are listed below. To find a complete list of ASE Certification tests and information on work experience requirements, visit

  • Automobile Tests (9)
  • Specialty/Exhaust
  • Systems Test
  • Alternate Fuels Test
  • Collision Repair and
  • Refinish Tests (5)
  • Advanced Level Tests (3)
  • Medium-Heavy Truck Tests (8)
  • Auto Maintenance and Light Repair Test
  • Truck Equipment Tests (3)
  • Parts Specialist Tests (2)
  • School Bus Tests (7)
  • Service Consultant Test
  • Transit Bus Tests (8)

Additionally, there are 19 entry-level certification tests for individuals entering the workforce from secondary training programs. ASE developed the Entry-Level Certification program in partnership with the ASE Education Foundation and SkillsUSA.
Visit for details.

  • Automobile (10)
  • Medium-Heavy Truck (5)
  • Collision Repair and Refinish (4)